Here is a brief report to you about the $$ we received and spent for this event:


Cash received in registration: $1,110

Food and supply purchased :   $929

============ ========= ====

Blance:                                   $181




Special Thanks to our honor sponsors to this event:


(These are not included in the above $1,110 received)


Ben and their Ya-Mei Treading(美国亚洲贸易促进协会 ): $100

Shudong's Kongfu Academy (http://www.taichiku and family: $100



Also thanks Jack Chen for providing us the plates, forks etc. as always he does to Henan Parties.



Some itemized purchase:

$82 from Ruchun: Watermelons, hamberg, hot dogs;

$151 from Baoqiu: bottle water, drinks, chips, etc.

$696 from Hongbo and Xiaorui: BBQ beef, chicken, Chinese food, party supplies.

Total: $929



(We finished all 100 lbs of the BBQ beef, hambergs, hot dogs, 3 trays Chinese food, almost all chikens)


Good Job my dear Laoxiangs!